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Si Scent is a nature-focused company that provides a large variety of products designed to meet the expectations of our consumers. Our strict quality control results in high-end technologic products which deliver life changing results when used properly. The mission is to help your body restore it’s natural glow and the way we achieve that is with premium products and high-grade aromatherapy additives.

Multiwave by Glamour NYC - $36,000

Our life changing Multiwave device helps you improve scar appearance, decrease chronic pain, reduce bacteria and restore your skin’s natural glow. Using 6 LED color cycles in order to achieve these benefits, the Multiwave can be used anywhere around your home and even around the world! You can fold it into the luxury travel case and plug it in wherever you are for uninterrupted treatments.

Multiwave X-Max by Glamour NYC

This one of a kind device incorporates 7 LED color cycles and heat to increase your body’s absorption of the lightwaves. The Multiwave X-Max focuses on increasing collagen synthesis, reducing inflammation, treating muscle and joint pain and diminishing stretch marks. You can use this full-body device practically everywhere thanks to its comfortable travel case. Never worry about missing a session due to travel!

Revolutionary by Glamour NYC

When it comes to this first of its kind home spa, it’s all in the name. The Revolutionary completely changes your spa experience providing you an infrared sauna treatment in the comfort of your own home. Place it anywhere in your home or even outside on the patio or pool house and enjoy relaxing sessions whenever you please. Sit back and relax while the Revolutionary cleanses your pores and activates your body’s natural ability to heal thanks to 7 LED color cycles. You can now say goodbye to expensive and uncomfortable spa treatments since you have your own!

LED Face Mask by Glamour NYC

If you have ever dreamed of spoiling yourself with a luxurious facial, look no further. Our LED Face Mask is an easy to use, beneficial and elegant device which regenerates your skin while stimulating your blood circulation. 3 LED color cycles are available in each treatment and are beneficial for pigmentation reduction, collagen production, bacteria elimination and decreased skin inflammation. This innovative mask is the ideal addition to your home and skin care regime.

Perfectio X by Zero Gravity

This device incorporates red and infrared LED light programmed and designed to provide incredible anti-aging benefits as well as stimulate your skin cells to tighten and strengthen the skin. Perfectio X emits warm energy in order to elevate muscle and joint pain, treat muscle spasms, increase blood circulation and enhance healthy cell activity. It can be used all over your body and face in order to achieve natural health and wellness goals.

Perfectio+ by Zero Gravity

Using LED technology and infrared light, this device penetrates into all layers of the skin to promote natural cell production and stimulate collagen fibers. Treating the epidermis, dermis and all the way down to the hypodermis, the Perfectio+ increases local blood flow at the treated area and is completely safe to use all over your body and face.

Relaxatio X by Zero Gravity

This powerful LED red and infrared device penetrates deeply into your skin to soothe pain and aid your body’s recovery process. Treating injuries and increasing blood circulation is done naturally thanks to this amazing device and can also be done all over your body without worrying about side effects. The Relaxatio X has 3 wavelengths and is completely chemical-free. It operates on large areas of the body while treating various conditions.

Grandio by Zero Gravity

This miraculous self-treatment device is designed to deal with hair loss, thinning hair and baldness. Using the Grandio for just 5 to 8 minutes a day will deliver amazing results in just a few months. It incorporates advanced technological breakthroughs and is patent-protected. You can use the Grandio anywhere you are whether it’s at home or at work and it has no side effects whatsoever.

Sapphire X by Zero Gravity

Using blue light therapy and topical heat to clear your skin and minimize blemished appearance, the Sapphire X disinfects, detoxifies and eliminates bacteria under the skin and reveals a smoother and healthier complexion of your skin. It is a clinically tested device that uses a glass probe to ensure 50% more light exposure and maximum absorption in the skin.

Eye Defining Device by Glamour NYC

The Eye Defining Device by Glamour NYC is a breakthrough in light therapy advancement. Using dual modes for best results, this device helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines while eliminating puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Using this device regularly will increase absorption of essential materials into your skin. This device is designed mostly for facial and under eye use but can be utilized in other small areas in your body such as wrists and calves.


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